What is Driver's Day?

This is an initiative to dedicate a day to Driver’s all over India. By such a dedication, we aim to show them just how much they are appreciated and to thank them for their indispensable services in keeping the logistics industry afloat. It will be a day when the drivers take pride in their services and celebrate their profession. We hope to add this day in the list of already existing commemorative days.

The Day

First time celebration will be on 17th September 2013, and every year afterwards.

Why on 17th September?

The Driver’s Appreciation week is already celebrated in United States Of America from 16th – 21st September every year. However in India 17th September is celebrated as Vishvakarma Jayanti which is officially celebrated by the drivers. Thus it gives a good platform to be celebrated as driver’s day as it also falls in the driver’s appreciation week and hence the concept can be easily replicated nationally or internationally

For whom should we celebrate this day?

Our aim is to spread our plans to as many logistics companies, Taxi and Auto Drivers Associations, and all other Drivers associations existing across India. Every Logistic or any automobile company can contribute in their own way in making this event a very memorable day for their drivers. Client companies which make use of logistics services can help out too.

Why should we celebrate this day?

Drivers are the wheels which keep our nation moving, yet they are not given the due respect they deserve. They are often mistreated, harassed, underpaid and overworked. Almost every cause has a day dedicated to itself – World Aids Day on December 1, Father’s Day on third Sunday of June, Friendships Day on first week of August and Engineers Day on June 15. Even environment has a day dedicated to it so why not come up with a new initiative to dedicate a day to Drivers?

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